A small internet marketing business based in East Yorkshire had a reporting problem.

By their own admission the report format was not great but that was not the major problem. It was taking two days each month to produce the reports from various data sources. Two days a month is a lot to lose for a small business, time that could be spent delivering revenue earning work.

Vensis reviewed the existing spreadsheet, the reporting requirements and the data sources and found a very manual and repetitive processes – a process that could be automated with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

A week later the two day process was replaced with automation. The spreadsheet “grabs” the files, processes the data and produces professional looking PDF reports with just one click.

“Vensis saw our manual reporting solution that took 2 days to process and created a system around the core data that required 1 click and 90 seconds to replicate the work. As you will guess we are over the moon!” Paul Smith, Getextra.