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Our founder and Managing Director, Matt Allison has 25 years+ experience in Digital Transformation & Strategy Implementation Consultancy across Europe, North America and Australia.

Most transformation programmes focus on the core business processes with the data process aspects often overlooked. Changing enterprise-wide systems to reflect process changes is time consuming and often cost prohibitive. This means spreadsheets often became the temporary solution. But there is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution!

It is obvious that spreadsheets are not a suitable long-term solution to a business-wide change programme. So, in 2002, Matt launched Vensis to fill this gap by providing pragmatic and challenging data process consultancy.

Vensis also have their own UK based development team.

Vensis supports any business with the ambition to undergo a Digital Transformation to reduce their costs, become more agile, empower their staff and delight customers.

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How We Work

We believe that all businesses will be more successful when they consider the needs of their customers first and build their business processes around those needs. Unfortunately, many computer systems are inflexible and rigid in the way they operate. As a result, the business process is compromised to accommodate the system and in turn, this compromises customer experience.

Therefore, we promote two important principles; primarily the process comes first in the design of the target operating model. We also believe in efficiency; if the computer can be doing it, it should be doing it. This means all manual interaction is reduced to a minimum, less cut and paste, fewer clicks and keystrokes to complete the process.

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Database Systems OEE Efficiency

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Digital Transformation & Strategy Implementation

We love a challenge. Solving data management issues can lead to significant cost savings, reduced lead times, more control, insights, save time and more, which all adds up to competitive advantage.

Why not challenge us to find ways help you realise your vision.

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