Linpac Packaging has been producing food packaging for 50 years and has 13 sites around the world. Like any manufacturer they have a keen eye for cost and manufacturing efficiency.

Anyone who knows efficiency improvement and management will know the first step is to measure effectively. It is important that the efficiency measurement is simple, clear and easy to administer. Having an inefficient efficiency measure would be counterproductive and ironic.

Linpac’s latest site in Russia needed a quick and cost-effective measurement solution that would work in both English and Russian. It would also need to compare several lines of two completely different processes; thermoforming and extrusion. For the teams to identify improvement opportunities they wanted to compare product, tooling and shift performances. With tight budgets and short timescales they turned to Vensis for support.

Vensis produced a system with live efficiency feedback to the manufacturing teams to help them recognise when they need to act on deviating performance. It manages loss capture, performance variation and provides analysis for the improvement team. It does all of this in English or Russian with a single click to switch.

Vensis provided the solution on cost and on time.

Daniel Garcia, Systems Maintenance Analyst & Group BPS Leader, Information Systems at LINPAC Packaging, says, “Vensis worked closely with us at the start of this project to really understand what our business needed to measure. They delivered quickly and provided additional support when we needed it. Very professional results. We are now hoping to do the same in our next new site in Australia.”

Linpac, like many businesses, has a complex set of unique needs. Therefore there is no off-the-shelf package that would do what they need. Many businesses accept there is no affordable solution and “just cope” with the situation. Vensis provides an alternative that adds value, reduces costs and helps businesses drive more from their business data.