Vensis don’t just work with large businesses. Robinson Engineering is a small family-run business based near York. The pain of wasted time is even more apparent for a small company as it is so visible with a direct line of influence to profit. When Jim Robinson spends hours generating invoices he is not delivering the service to his customers which generates revenue.

Being a moderate user of Excel, Jim could recognise that lots of time could be saved from his administration processes. He asked Vensis to help. The first phase of this project was to replace the old processes with an automated spreadsheet.

Once the data was in the new format and structure Jim decided to upscale his system to a database. This allowed the data to be held centrally and more than one person access it at once which was important during busy administrative periods. The database format also made the system more user-friendly and reduced the need for any specialist computers skills.

By taking the manual effort from the administration Jim has more time to focus on growing his business and looking after his customers.

Updating the invoicing system through Vensis, has created a more professional approach to our administration processes. The database is simple to use and keeps all information in one place which allows closer control of all incoming and outgoing expenditure and has had a very positive affect on our business.

“Vensis were extremely professional and helpful, allowing us to try out and work with the new Excel spreadsheet and Vensis database until we had it just as we wanted it. They were very patient with us and we would recommend Vensis to any company large or small, who are wanting to revamp and upgrade their software, or if just wanting help with Excel. Why not go straight to the people who know, instead of wasting valuable time trying to work it out yourself!” – Jim Robinson, Robinson Engineering.