Computing Vensis

In 1969 man landed on the Moon. The Apollo 11 Mission’s lander, The Eagle, had similar computing power to that of a modern day toaster. Imagine the complexity of the data that tiny computer could handle in real time with technology approaching 50 years old.

Back in 1969 few businesses had computers. Things have certainly changed. Pretty much every business has computers because data is to the digital age, what oil was to the industrial age. So data is a pretty important business fuel these days and your computers are the engines that convert that fuel into power; the power to drive your business.

If the power of a toaster could take man to the moon what can your desktop PC or laptop do with over a million times the power? Well it seems in most cases email, cut and paste and write the odd report. Not the greatest leap from the typewriter really, considering the leap in potential.

Every business has the fuel – data in spadesful.

Every business has the engines – enormous computing power.

Yet most do not have the power of information derived from marrying the two.

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