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Integrate Solidworks data with the rest of your business

Integrate Solidworks PDM with SQL Server

Solidworks is a widely used 3D CAD package used by many industries. It can generate a bill of materials (BoM) quickly and easily. But many businesses struggle to integrate it with the rest of the business process without resorting to Excel spreadsheets. This is slow, inefficient and prone to mistakes. The downstream processes suffer. Product costing, purchasing, manufacturing, stock control is all disconnected and slow to respond to change.

Sometimes the downstream process can feel like this…

Chaos with spreadsheets

There is a different way

Vensis has the expertise to extract the BoM from Solidworks PDM. By doing so a world of opportunity opens. Vensis can connect BoMs to systems or build systems that manage stock, purchase ordering, costing models, workflow management and more.

A recent example. A leisure home manufacturer had a manual process of creating sales orders and options. A manual process used Solidworks and various spreadsheets to compile material demand. Each order took a few weeks from order to PO being raised as none of the data was connected.

Vensis led a transformation project including the automatic extraction of Solidworks data. That process that took weeks, now takes minutes.

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