Process Performance Reporting

Efficiency, OEE and Quality Reporting

An early and critical step on the journey of improving any process, is its measurement.

Vensis has a vast experience of supporting clients get process measures right. Before considering the mechanics of data collection, processing and reporting; it is important to ensure they are aligned with strategic objectives. This step avoids unnecessary reporting processes and forms the foundation of the process measurement plan, no matter what the context.

Vensis can support the deployment of the process measurement. Sitting central to this is the database. Where many businesses will try to do this with a spreadsheet, they will soon suffer the limitation of this route. A database is the only suitable solution for large deployments where robustness, sharing and efficiency are important. This does not preclude the use of spreadsheets for analysis of the data if required. That is what spreadsheets are good at.

Each database system has user-friendly interfaces, access control, reporting, filtering and many forms of analysis to drive improvement. Afterall, the process improvement should be the focus of the project, not the data management.

Drive Improvement

OEE, Efficiency and Quality measurements are critical to the effective management of a manufacturing process. Understanding losses in a clear and concise manner will enable teams to act accordingly to reduce losses and ensure the process is optimised.

Live Feedback

Install screens in the workplace or rest areas to provide feedback to your teams. Demonstrate to your visitors and customers that you have clear and visible KPIs that ensure your processes are under control.

Online – Data Anywhere

Link your KPIs to the cloud to get clear up to date feedback on process control and performance.

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