Lean Data Management

Apply Lean to Data Processes to Eliminate Even More Waste

Lean Programmes will drive change to process, either through continuous improvement or transformational change. This will mean the way in which data is managed must also change to ensure the data element of the process follows Lean principles.

Unfortunately, large systems cannot be changed quickly, if at all. To get around this, many Lean Projects will resort to spreadsheet patches to achieve the plan. Although this works in the short-term and serves to prototype the concept; it is not a suitable long-term solution in most cases.

Vensis has a long history of supporting Lean Programmes in many sectors. We build centralised systems that support projects by applying Lean to data. Data is centralised in a database, automated where possible, controlled entry and links to existing systems. By creating a fully integrated, ground up design – waste is eliminated and reporting is made easier.

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Lean applied to data

KPIs and dashboards

Automated data management to eliminate waste

Automated data management to eliminate waste

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Vensis are Yorkshire based and have been trading since 2002. We have almost 20 years Business Consulting experience in Matt Allison, the Managing Director and years of Excel, Access, VBA and SQL experience among our Developers.

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