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OEE and Efficiency Reporting

Measuring OEE and Efficiency is a critical early step in a Lean or Continuous Improvement journey.

Managing your measures, gap analysis, trends and reporting, with spreadsheets is slow and inefficient. The irony!

Vensis are experts in OEE and Efficiency. We know how to build systems that automate the data process. Get it done right, get it done quickly.

Why is this important?

  • It frees resources to drive more improvement, rather than wasting time trying to measure it.
  • It reduces the reporting cycle time, so reports are bang up to date and relevant.
  • You can focus on action, engagement, problem solving and agility – not getting bogged down in spreadsheets.

The result: more improvement of what matters. Reduced costs, shorter lead times, less waste and engaged teams.

Your business is likely to have many unique aspects that an off-the-shelf system will struggle to accommodate. Demonstrate commitment by building a professional system for your Lean or Continuous Improvement journey.

Vensis will partner with you, ensuring that you have a system that is built from the ground up that precisely reflects how your business works and report what is important to you.

Do not compromise with your OEE and Efficiency measures, get in touch now: email or call 01482 762102.

OEE Reporting Systems UK

Drive Improvement

Use OEE and Efficiency reports to focus your teams on the important losses and drive improvement.

Live Feedback

Live dashboards reflect what is going on in any area of the manufacturing business.


Break free from spreadsheets to engage with the wider team.

Don’t Compromise, Challenge Us

We would love to demonstrate our knowledge and capabilty. Why not challenge us. You need a partner who knows how to use OEE and Efficiency to drive improvement. We know how to get it done.

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