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Many Digital Transformation Programmes fail by missing key steps. Failure of any change programme creates scepticism meaning the next attempt meets greater resistance.

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  • Why this is NOT an IT project – It’s a board level programme.
  • How to avoid creating solutions looking for problems.
  • Why defining the Current Operating Model is important to win hearts and minds.
  • The link between core and data processes.
  • The two main data types and how they interact.
  • The Target Operating Model – How opportunities are missed.
  • How to get the most from your new world of structured data.

Did we mention hardware?

For many businesses, the data process has grown organically with the business and technology changes. This can leave it fragmented and sub-optimal. Digital Transformation Strategies are about redefining the data process end-to-end.

Digital Transformation Strategy is about redefining the data process end-to-end as if you were building it from the ground up – a clean sheet of paper.

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