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Many businesses have fragmented data in a series of spreadsheets, paper files and disparate systems. Time is wasted manually handling data, insights are a struggle and KPIs are cumbersome. Agility is lost, costs are high, and performance is static at best.

Vensis build database systems to automate data processes. Using the “process first” principle, we transform business processes by challenging the old thinking.

Do you recognise this image?

UK businesses often fall into two positions:

  1. Those who are still running the business on spreadsheet, paper, and emails.
  2. Those that have taken the bold step of Digital Transformation.

Which position are you? 

Moving from A to B can seem daunting, complex, resource hungry and laden with risk.

But staying in position A is not tenable in the long term.

Those businesses who develop their data processes will gain competitive advantage over those who do not.

Vensis provides pragmatic support to help you move from A to B whilst using simple language.


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Tell us about your

current Data Processes 

Do you use spreadsheets for your data processing?
How important are spreadsheets to your business?
Do you use multiple spreadsheets across the business?
How would you describe your current data processes?
Do you think your data processes could be significantly improved?
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