Does your data process look like this?

Framented Data Diagram

If these Data Processes looks familiar, your business will be suffering problems, some visible and some hidden.

– Hard to create KPIs and improvement focus
– Lots of manual effort where are computer could be doing the work
– Risk of losing data or it having errors (often latent)
– Tough to see the end-to-end story of an order or customer journey
– Slow to respond, losing business

There is a better way, but there is no “one fits all” solution. Data Processes are unique to each business. How do we know? Common problems have common solutions that are widely available. If you have a spreadsheet driven data process, it is because you have unique needs.

Vensis has a unique combination of process consultancy and an in-house development team to transform your data process. Better, faster, cheaper!

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Fragmented Data
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