22 April 2021

Going beyond SMED to ZMED

Those in manufacturing will know SMED, “Single Minute Exchange of Die”. The term is used more widely than changing dies though, it is used as a general term to reduce…
Driving Project Costing Improvement
28 September 2020

Closing the Project Costing Loop

Businesses whose main activity is project delivery, be it construction, engineering or manufacturing are often missing opportunities to drive improvement. This article explores how ‘closing the loop’ on project delivery…
8 KPI Mistakes
27 May 2020

8 KPI Mistakes to Avoid

All forward-thinking businesses with a desire to improve will have KPIs. I have seen and implemented many versions of KPIs over the years. Although the specifics of any set of…
Business Management Cycle Vensis
3 October 2019

Business Management Cycle

The Business Management Cycle is a good way to visualise how any company should work with Business Intelligence. Starting at the top left of this model, data is captured from…

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