October 3, 2019

Business Management Cycle

The Business Management Cycle is a good way to visualise how any company should work with Business Intelligence. Starting at the top left of this model, data is captured from…
September 6, 2019

Why Lean Data will stop you worrying about Big Data

Every once in a while a new concept will come along. It is interesting that these new principles will trigger several behaviours in business leaders: panic, band wagon jumping, head…
August 10, 2019

If your toaster could take you to the Moon, where could your computer take you?

In 1969 man landed on the Moon. The Apollo 11 Mission's lander, The Eagle, had similar computing power to that of a modern day toaster. Imagine the complexity of the…

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Vensis are Yorkshire based and have been trading since 2002. We have almost 20 years Business Consulting experience in Matt Allison, the Managing Director and years of Excel, Access, VBA and SQL experience among our Developers.

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