The 8 Essential KPI Mistakes to Avoid

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Avoid KPI mistakes. KPIs can be the cornerstone of an improvement culture which can take your business to the next level. Although the concepts are simple, implementation is tough, but definitely worth it.
That is to say that, KPIs should form part of an improvement strategy. It is important to be clear on what you want to be different and why. Although KPIs should be balanced across all aspects of the business (balanced scorecard), the targets you set will be the driver of any significant change programme.
KPIs are a part of an improvement programme, not a substitute for it. To get the most from this hard work it is essential to engage with the whole team from the start. Through a process of involvement, the team will own the measures, understand them, and with proper encouragement and empowerment they will drive the improvement themselves
It is clear that although the specifics of any set of KPIs is as unique as the business, there are in fact some common mistakes. In this guide you will find the top 8 KPI mistakes to avoid.
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